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Sleep Young es no preocuparse por el pasado y esperar al futuro con los brazos abiertos, es descansar y dormir bien desafiando los años y enfrentando los retos que nos dieron

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SLEEP YOUNG es la alternativa natural a otras almohadas que se encargan de producirte arrugas innecesarias en la cara. La almohada SLEEP YOUNG te proporcionará una noche de sueño confortable, especialmente si duermes de lado. Al estar diseñada con espuma viscoelástica, esta almohada se adapta a los contornos de tu cabeza y cuello, brindándote el apoyo necesario y la comodidad deseada que necesitas para descansar cómodamente.



SLEEP YOUNG permite que hombres y mujeres duerman cómoda y profundamente, de una forma natural especialmente para dormir de lado y boca arriba.

Te acostumbrarás a dormir profundamente en nuestra almohada, lo que te ayudará a evitar la formación de arrugas no deseadas. ¡Incluso puedes evitar arrugas en formación y ayudar a prevenir que se vuelvan permanentes!

Cuanto más joven seas, más posibilidades tienes de evitar la aparición de arrugas que eventualmente se volverán irreversibles. En cualquier etapa de la vida en la que te encuentres, podrás evitar nuevas arrugas con nuestra almohada.



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I've been working from home for a while, and I realized that I should get a more supportive pillow for my neck since I am not doing it any justice when I'm hunched over the computer all day long. I found this pillow and I thought it was interesting - it's an unusual shape for a pillow and the anti wrinkle aspect is a plus.
when it arrived, it came in this amazing box. it looked like i was getting a PR package. In the box was the pillow that was packed in a layer of plastic (which is great since you're clearly getting a clean pillow), a carrying case for the pillow, a nice card explaining the brand, and a how-to guide on how to use the pillow.
The pillow: it comes with it's own pillowcase so you can use it straight out of the bag! Love the material because it's soft to the touch and it's pretty cooling. As for sleeping on the pillow - it's definitely weird when you first use it. it's not your standard pillow that you lay your head on, and there is a learning curve. The first night I slept with this, I didn't think much of it but the more days that I used the pillow the better I felt. I'm not sure if it's the extra support, but I felt like I had a better and deeper sleep. For the design of the pillow and the anti wrinkle property, I can see that it's designed in a way that minimizes the amount of time you press your face against the pillow and only time will tell on that.

Overall - I think this is an amazing pillow to have. Just the neck support aspect of the pillow should make you buy this pillow.

twdidn't think i would love it as much as i do!

I bump into this pillow on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. GLAD I DID.

As soon as I replaced my old pillow, my first impression was how comfortable I was, not only in my head/neck area but all the way down to my lower back, I even felt my mattress different. I'm no doctor but this product complete changes the alignment of your body while taking care of your wrinkles.

- Super comfy
- High quality memory foam (won't get flat)
- Anti-wrinkle technology
- The pillow is made in the USA
- Super soft cover, made from 100% bamboo
- Can accommodate those of us who are used to a high pillow and those who are used to more flat ones
- Would make an AWESOME gift. The packaging is amazing.

- Would have like another set of covers included
- Even if not included, would like to be able to buy another set of covers
- There's a small learning curve, but if you read the instructions carefully, you should be good to go in a day or two. We're REALLY used to sleeping with our face compressed.
Overall great product, highly recommended!!!

Jero5.0 out of 5 stars There's a difference between being comfortable and being used to your actual pillow

I have been using this pillow for more than a week already and while it is still early to see the results on wrinkles, my sleep quality has definitely improved. I suffer from pains in my neck and spine and quality of pillows and mattresses is very important for me. Since I purchased the Sleep young pillow, I have noticed that all the pain I feel in the mornings is gone.
The pillow can be used from both sides: 1 for those who prefer to sleep on flatter surfaces and those who prefer higher pillows. The memory foam is soft enough to be compfortable but firm enough to provide sufficient neck support. The curved shape of the pillow is a blessing for those who like to sleep facedown but don;t want their faces to be smothered during slee. The pillowcase, included witth the pillow is smoorth adn soothing,, easy to wash and dries in a second.
Overall, an excellent product.

NanaA well justified purchase


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