As a woman entering into my maturity, alarm bells were going off every time I looked at myself in the mirror. The beginnings of wrinkles on my eyelids and cheeks showed me that
my pillow was the culprit. I thought to myself that there must be a way for a pillow not to cause these wrinkles. I started sleeping on my back and looking for pillows that could help
me avoid getting wrinkles. There was simply nothing out there that would keep me wrinkle-free while sleeping on my side, the way I liked.


I started buying all kinds of pillows, made out of different materials, so I could start developing the pillow of my dreams. I partnered up with a sewing expert to create exactly
what I envisioned. After looking at all the alternative materials available, we found that memory foam was the best. We started experimenting for over a year, waiting for that moment when the neck aches and wrinkles would stop. We finally succeeded! No more uncomfortable nights. No more new sleeping wrinkles. The SLEEP YOUNG pillow was now
ready to share its gifts with the world.


We personally developed several test pillows until we created the perfect one. Women with different kinds of characteristics tested the pillow out, letting us know how they felt.

Women who already had sleep wrinkles sent in photos to us showing they had less of them overtime.

Others who suffered from neck aches couldn't wait to tell us that our SLEEP YOUNG pillow not only stopped new wrinkles from forming, but also significantly reduced any neck pain they used to have.

Women who previously had difficulty sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time were pleasantly surprised to be able to sleep for hours at a time after using our pillow.

People who traveled expressed that if they didn’t take our SLEEP YOUNG pillow with them, they slept poorly, making this pillow an indispensable travel item!

People who complained of shoulder pain when sleeping on their side, they said, these pains diminished.

We also had a chiropractor use and assess the pillow for adequate ergonomic support.  He gave a very positive review of the pillow and gave a full endorsement from the ergonomic
design perspective.


We needed to patent our pillow, so we looked into hiring an expert patent attorney to protect our invention. While there were anti-wrinkle pillows already patented, there was nothing quite like ours. We were able to check off all the criteria for getting a patent, turning our SLEEP YOUNG pillow into an invention! It is currently in patent-pending status, and it will become fully patented very shortly.


What we had to do next is was to find a quality factory that would manufacture our pillow exactly how it was designed. This is why we focused on finding a partner in the USA, operating under high-quality standards like TMI. We planned and tested until we were completely satisfied with the product they delivered. 100% of the core of our pillows is made of memory foam and completely manufactured in the USA.

We have also found the best covers, boxes, and travel bags that match the high standards we have for our pillow and go with it.


We strongly believe SLEEP YOUNG will revolutionize the way humans have slept for thousands of years. We can finally all sleep comfortably while keeping our faces looking young and wrinkle-free. It’s a new era for sleeping, so join the revolution!


SLEEP YOUNG is an experience – a trip in time that makes us feel good about ourselves while maintaining what we like. It allows us to take care of ourselves naturally, accepting life as it is. SLEEP YOUNG is to not be worried about the past. Instead, it is waiting for the future with open arms, where we can all rest and sleep well.


Where is it produced?


*The core is 100% made in California, USA.
*TMI Molded Foam – https://tmimoldedfoamtech.com/
-American-Made Foam Manufacturer TMI Products, Inc., which is the recognized industry leader in innovation, state-of-the-art product design, and has an uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction. They are pride with their ever-growing portfolio in design and manufacturing of advanced molded foam solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors, including but not limited to, Aviation, Automotive, Bedding, and Office Furniture.

-TMI Products’ headquarters and manufacturing has been strategically positioned in Southern California for over 35 years, giving them the competitive advantage of a hands-on approach to product design, program launch, and ongoing support.

-Through daily TS16949 practices and annual hands-on training, TMI Products has developed highly-evolved best practices based on an extensive history of lessons learned. TMI Products ensure that risk and feasibility are always extensively assessed prior to the development of any products. Once the development process is underway, designs are continually reviewed by highly skilled Engineers to ensure compliance, timely deliverables, and all customer expectations are met and or exceeded.

*Keywords that we believe match what our product does:
– Anti-wrinkles
-Side Sleeper
-Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
-Neck and shoulders relief
-Patent Pending
-Hypoallergenic Pillowcase made from bamboo

How Do I Sleep with my SLEEP YOUNG?

It is a new experience of sleeping and you have to give yourself the opportunity to try it for several days to get used to it since it is different from the traditional pillow.

What´s included in my SLEEP YOUNG?

Your SLEEP YOUNG pillow will come in a sleek rectangular box. Within this box, you will have an ergonomic pillow whose core is made from hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial memory foam. It  comes with an inner cover is a mixture of 35% bamboo and 65% polyester and an outer sheath made of 100% bamboo, luxuriously soft and attractive to your face is ecological and antibacterial. Additionally, a travel bag, where you simply fold your pillow and you can take it with you wherever you go.

How do I return my SLEEP YOUNG

Contact Amazon Customer Service.


This product has been tested on real people under real circumstances. If you use it properly and follow the instructions, it will help you sleep better and reduce the wrinkles produced by regular pillows. However SLEEP YOUNG cannot assure you that you would not have winkles of any kind produced by several factors including age.


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