When you are not sleeping on your back, face wrinkles are
caused by the pillow, due to the pressure that is put on it.


Sleeping with a regular pillow

 Sleeping with sleep young


It does not put pressure on your face, due to its unique design. Instead, it holds your neck and head properly.

It does not force you to sleep on your back to allow you to benefit from the anti-wrinkle benefits.

Support your head and neck, reducing shoulder pain from sleeping on your side.


There are two kinds of wrinkles you will get throughout life: wrinkles from aging and wrinkles from sleeping. Aging wrinkles are caused by your skin becomes less elastic, which leads to lines created by our expressions and muscle movements to become more pronounced for longer periods of time. Sleep wrinkles are caused by sleeping on your side and pressure being applied to areas like your eyes, cheeks, and jaw.

When it comes to sleep wrinkles, the usual methods people turn to are unable to help prevent them. What you need is a natural and effective way to prevent them, by eliminating the unnecessary pressure on your skin while you sleep. If you already have intense wrinkles, you can help prevent them from getting worse.


The answer is getting a pillow that is kinder and gentler to your face. Those sleep wrinkles you get, which you shockingly see in the mirror after you wake up, are preventable. That’s right! The trick is to use a pillow that is not applying pressure to your face in ways that leave wrinkles. You need a pillow that will not force you to sleep in a specific position or make you uncomfortable while you sleep. Thankfully, there is finally an effective way to stop those unsightly wrinkles that form during sleep.

The SLEEP YOUNG pillow has been created by tirelessly working on designing and developing a pillow that would stop these sorts of wrinkles, once and for all. Rather than having to always sleeping on your back to avoid sleep wrinkles, which is what dermatologists recommend, you can take advantage of the revolutionary pillow by SLEEP YOUNG.

The anti-wrinkle benefits this pillow offers will ergonomically support your head, even if you are a side sleeper, while minimizing the amount of contact your face has with your pillow. Sure, this pillow may look unusual, but the results speak for themselves! Since the traditional shape of pillows has failed to successfully resolve the issue of sleep wrinkles, the entire concept of what a pillow is had to be thrown out the window and replaced with something better.
By using the SLEEP YOUNG pillow, you can help prevent sleep wrinkles, once and for all. This ergonomic pillow lets you sleep on your side, while avoiding any production of pressure on your face. You no longer need to allow the process of sleeping cause an artificial acceleration of the aging process. Sleep wrinkles will finally be a thing of the past!