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10 Home Remedies for Preventing Wrinkles

By 17 September, 2020No Comments

10 Home Remedies for Preventing Wrinkles

Aging is a natural process that comes with getting older. We will all develop wrinkles eventually, especially in places where we get exposed to the elements, such as the sun. Our face is especially susceptible to wrinkles. While we may be unable to completely prevent wrinkles from appearing, we can prevent some of them and postpone them. The following are 10 home remedies for preventing wrinkles.


A face massage can help prevent wrinkles by increasing the number of proteins within the skin of your face, keeping it smooth. Massaging your face for approximately five minutes a day, using your fingers, can be all it takes.

Aloe Vera

The cactus-like aloe vera plant has a gel within it that can significantly reduce wrinkles on your face in as little as three months. Also, when you apply the gel to your skin, you help build up helpful collagen. You will be hydrating your skin as well.

Olive Oil

Including more olive oil in your diet can help prevent additional wrinkles from forming. This is because it contains compounds that will increase the amount of collagen in your skin. People who have a diet with plenty of olive oil will be less prone to getting wrinkles compared with others.

Egg Whites

There is a thin membrane within an egg that separates egg whites from the actual shell. This substance has been found to be effective in significantly reducing the depth of wrinkles within the face. Additionally, it can boost the amount of collagen getting produced in your skin.


Foods that are loaded with nutrients are considered to be superfoods. Many of these foods can prevent wrinkles. Studies have found that people who eat more superfoods have fewer wrinkles than people who don’t. Some popular superfoods enjoyed today are avocados, eggs, oatmeal, salmon, tomatoes, and walnuts.

Hypoallergenic Pillow

Choosing a pillow that is easier on the skin, like a bamboo hypoallergenic pillow, will help prevent sleep lines that can occur. When you sleep on your back and use a pillow like this, you help prevent them to an even greater degree.

Essential Oils

When you topically apply a minute amount of essential oil, along with a carrier oil, to your skin, you can reduce wrinkles. Some popular essential oils used in reducing the appearance of wrinkles are carrot seed, jojoba, grapeseed, lavender, pomegranate, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang.


Banana Mask

Bananas are loaded with natural oils and vitamins that will give your skin the nutrients it needs to ward off wrinkles. You can create a banana paste and apply it to your skin, leaving it on for around 15 minutes, before rinsing it off.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that helps with the formation of more collagen in your skin is vitamin C. This is a vitamin that is found in plenty of produce. Kale, guava, and rosehips are known to have high amounts of vitamin C. You can apply a topical vitamin C gel to your face to reduce wrinkles. You also get to increase the production of collagen within your skin.

Probiotics & Yogurt

Including probiotics in your diet, which can also be found in yogurt, can reduce wrinkles appearing on your skin. A study found that probiotics in yogurt help people maintain healthier skin. It can also help to apply probiotics directly to your skin.

Wrapping Up

There are many home remedies for preventing wrinkles and these are just 10 of them. Even if you just start doing one of these, you will be helping keep wrinkles off of your face, ensuring you have healthy skin for a long time to come.


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